There is nothing like riding. The smell, the teperature, the feel of the bumps and the road beckon you each day.

About Me


    My earliest memory of motorcycling is of looking over the handlebars of my dads dirt-bike. I must have been three or so, sitting there in front of my dad as he road around the forty acres of apple orchard where my grandparents lived. What I do know is that feeling he had then, was reborn in me. 
    In 1998 I made the dreadful decision to sell my only bike, and push for a career in the fire service. I did this with the goal of being able to enjoy an improved riding life, after I had an established career. Two years later I was was hired as a fire fighter. It was time to go shopping!
    Now, with over one million miles on bikes, I have never looked back. From my pre retirement exhilarating fifty mile commute over HWY 175, to my twenty eight day, fourteen thousand mile trip of a lifetime in 2005, to Alaska 2012, I have enjoyed every moment and emotion while riding. It is “my getaway, my time, my life”. Fortunately, my family recognize the benefits, and they encourage my riding life.